08 Nov

Christmas Cookies!

The Meals on Wheels program is looking for volunteers to help bake cookies for our annual Christmas baskets! Each year, the NSC cookie baskets brighten the day of clients across Newark and give them an extra bit of holiday cheer! Please help us continue this tradition. You can drop the cookies off at the MOW office anytime between December 1st – 19th. We are looking for regular and sugar free cookies of any variety. If you have any questions, please call the MOW office at 737-5747.

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13 Oct

Grand Opening of “The Oasis”

Last month, the Newark Senior Center celebrated the grand opening of “The Oasis.” The newly renovated space is the result of over three years of learning, planning, development, and execution. The 3,500 square foot space allows NSC to facilitate more programming and provide needed services to our community. The Oasis is home to the Center’s Meeting of Minds program, a guided group experience for those dealing with early memory loss. Due to the renovations, the program is now able to operate five days a week and serve a larger array of clients.

In addition, the Oasis has a treatment room which allows space for facials, chair massages, foot care, and more. If that weren’t enough, the space also contains a consolation room which is home to our Medicare/ Medicaid Counseling, Highmark Outreach Center, Stand By Me- Financial Coaching, and Community Legal Aid Services.
The Newark Senior Center is entering its 51st year of service to the community better able to continue to meet the changing needs of seniors in the Greater Newark Area. Thank you to all who played a part!


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12 Oct

8 Simple Tricks to Exercise Your Brain

8 Simple Tricks to Exercise Your Brain
Your brain’s fitness depends on how much it is used. Every time you do something new or different, you create new neural pathways. These simple tricks will help give your brain a workout. Some of these activities may be done at or on your way to the Newark Senior Center!
1. Use Your Opposite Hand
Spend the day doing things with your non-dominant hand. If you are left-handed, open doors with your right hand. If you are right-handed, try using your keys with your left. This simple task will cause your brain to lay down new pathways and rethink daily tasks. Wear your watch on the opposite hand to remind you to switch.
2. Only Use Lists as Backup
Lists are great, but we can become too reliant on them. Make your grocery list, but then try to shop without it. Use the list once you have put every item you can think of in your cart. Do the same with your “to do” lists.
3. Prepare One Story Every Day
Each morning think up one story that you will have ready to tell people. The story can be about something recent or from your past. Try to figure out the most entertaining way to tell the story. If someone calls or stops by, you will have something to talk with them about. What better way to exercise your brain than to tell a new story to a friend at NSC?
4. Observation Games
Each day pick a specific thing to observe. You may decide to pay attention to what people are wearing one day. Everywhere you go, and on TV, note how people dress and think about why certain people dress the way they do. Give your brain something to think about. The next day, choose something else to observe.
5. Go a Different Way
Drive or walk a different way to wherever you go. On your way to the Center, change it up a bit. Little changes in routine help the brain practice spatial memory and directions. Try different side streets, go through stores in a different order — anything to change your route.
6. Break the Routine
Do thing in a different order. Eat breakfast for dinner. Do your errands first thing in the morning. Exercise in the morning instead of the afternoon. Do your daily tasks in a new order. Notice how the change feels and what is good or bad about the new order.
7. Solve a Problem
Pretend you are starting a business and think about how you would solve a problem. What would you sell and to whom would you sell it? Who are your competitors and how would you beat them? Give your brain something to chew on. The next day, pretend you are starting an organization to fight hunger — what new ideas can you come up with? Have fun with problem solving to make new connections in the brain.
8. Read a Book
Pick a book on an entirely new subject. Read a novel set in India. Learn about economics. There are many excellent popular non-fiction books that do a great job entertaining you while teaching about a subject. Become an expert in something new each week. Check out the NSC library for a new book!
Simply by trying these easy exercises, you can keep your mind strong!

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11 Oct

Come grab lunch!

You may have heard the Meals On Wheels tagline – “More than just a meal!”  This slogan refers to the friendly visit provided by a volunteer as they deliver a meal to the home-bound.  Meals on Wheels is available to ...
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28 Sep

Fall Flea Market



Jewelry, Brand Name Clothing & Accessories for Men, Women & Children, Housewares, Books, Antiques, Collectibles, Linens, Crafts, Toys, Holiday Items & much more!  ALL AT ROCK-BOTTOM PRICES!

img_2556                           Thursday, October 27th • 5:00 – 7:30pm

5:00pm Chicken BBQ Dinner • by Brookside Lions Club

 Cost: $10

Friday, October 28th •9:00am – 6:30pm

Lunch: 11:45am – 12:45pm

Taco Bar (beef or chicken) $6 includes drink

Hot Dog & Chips $4

Dinner: 4:00 – 5:45pm by Chef Raymond & the Grill

Gourmet burgers, sandwiches & hot dogs served with

Rhonda’s Cole Slaw or Potato Salad and baked beans and a drink for $7

img_2557Kid’s Meal: Hot Dog, Chips & Juice box for $5

Saturday, October 29th • 9:00am – Noonimg_2558

8:00am – 11:00am Pancake Breakfast by Newark Lions Club

 proudly serving sausage from Herman’s Meat Market

Cost: Adults $8, Children (age 6-12) $4


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05 Aug

Housing Fair

Housing Fair 2016

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05 Aug

Honeycombs Return!


Honeycombs Return Advertisement

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05 Aug

Volunteer…It’s Good for You!

Think about the moments in your life when you volunteered your time and resources to an important effort or cause. How did it make you feel? The hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes get in the way of our philanthropic efforts. At times, we may forget how rewarding it can be to reach out and make a difference in someone’s life. Volunteering is proven to be an extremely beneficial activity, no matter what the person’s age.

Find meaning and purpose by sharing what you’ve learned with others. Experience improved health and well-being by giving back to your community. Make new friends and improve your mind as you engage yourself in new social settings. You can even learn new skills as you volunteer. It’s never too late to develop a new hobby or skill. Volunteering is a way to open the door to new learning opportunities that you may not have previously considered.

Want to volunteer for NSC? There a wide variety of volunteer tasks needed to be done throughout the Center. From volunteering at the meal time cash register to the reception desk or gift shoppe, there is always a spot for new people.

Currently in special need are volunteers for Meeting of Minds. While NSC is in the process of renovating a larger space for the early memory loss program, we are actively seeking new volunteers. By the start of September, the program will be operating three days a week to serve 25 individuals. In order to keep up the momentum and offer the program to our clients five days a week, we will need even more volunteers!

This rewarding program allows for one on one interaction, assisting participants with activities, facilitating small group activities, and helping to create a relaxing environment. Volunteers are needed from 9:45 am to 2:15pm, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We ask that you commit at least four hours a week and attend on-site training before you start.

Ultimately you must know that by being a volunteer, you can make a powerful difference. Regardless of the situation, you can always have a positive influence on someone’s life. Often times, the difference that you make in someone else’s life will make an even bigger difference in yours.

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05 Aug

Members: Don’t Forget to Scan Your Key Fob!

Are you scanning your key fob?

Here at NSC, we take pride in caring for each other. The staff and members work hard to make sure that the Center’s daily activities flow smoothly, that people find a sense of belonging, and that positive energy is spread.

In order for staff to appropriately monitor daily happenings, it is important to accurately track attendance. By scanning in with your key fob when you enter the Center, you are doing your part!

A valid NSC membership is required for participation in all programs unless otherwise noted. Sign in sheets are to be used only by visitors of the Center. If you would like a lanyard for your key fob, simply ask for one at the Reception Desk.

We thank you for your willingness to follow the rules and do your part.

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05 Aug

New Exercise Class Preview Offered in August

Daily exercise doesn’t have to be boring! The Newark Senior Center is offering an array of new classes that provide a fun atmosphere to work up a sweat.

As we all know, exercise has always been a way to keep off the extra pounds. The beauty of exercise is that it can do more than help you lose weight. Just a few benefits you receive from exercising on a regular basis include reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, strengthened bones and muscles, and improved mental health and mood.

A variety of new classes are being offered throughout the week by Terri Rex.

“American Bandstand: Decades of Dance” allows you to travel through time and boogie through the decades. Bop your way from disco to the Charleston, the Shim Sham to the Virginia Reel, the Hustle to the Marcarena, and more.

Hone your mind- body skills and activate your healing process with guided imagery, breathing techniques, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and other therapies. In “Breathe, Relax, & Restore,” you are taught to reduce the harmful effects of stress while reconnecting your body and soul. This class will not only allow you to form healthier pathways for thoughts and behaviors, but it will also optimize your health and encourage you to love life.

Join the “prop-tastic” Pilates class on Wednesdays to target the muscles of the core, legs, glutes, and arms. By adding props to your Pilates repertoire, you add an extra level of strength training. The workout will leave you feeling strong, energized, and stretched!

As always, try your first class for free. Other classes to try by Terri Rex include “The Elements: Artful Energy & Moving” and “Dance Around the World.” Check the newsletter for dates and times!

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