Pamper Yourself Facials by Appointment Only

See Newsletter for Dates – Appointments can be made at the Reception Desk

By Kimberly Kisner, DE/MD Licensed Esthetician

Express Facials include deep cleansing, massage, and customized mask to hydrate, sooth and rejuvenate. Benefits include smoother, softer and younger looking skin.  Please register at the Reception Desk. Cost $20 (30 minute session). Registration required 24 hours in advance.



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Out bodies accumulate different types of toxins from everyday life, it is beneficial to support our organs with detoxing. Relax while your feet soak in warm salt water while a painless microcurrent releases toxins through your feet. You will be amazed at the results! Not appropriate for those with a pacemaker or organ transplant. Member Cost: $25 Non-Member Cost: $35



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Studies show that Reiki provides clients with deep relaxation, relief from aches & pains and less stress. Nancy is a certified Reiki Master who works with each client’s energy field, to the ultimate goal of emotional balance & improved physical well-being.



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Wilson Hannold from Brandywine Valley Hearing Aid Solutions is now offering free hearing screenings to evaluate your hearing and see if you have hearing loss. No need to worry, because the screenings are easy and painless. At the end of the screening you will receive a copy of your results to take with you. 15 Minute appointments. Appointments are required, please register at the Reception Desk. No Cost.


60-Minute Shiatsu Massage with Scott Martin, CMT

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Cost: $50 suggested donation to the Newark Senior Center

Shiatsu is an Asian form of bodywork that uses thumb and palm pressure applied to acupuncture points and energy pathways to promote relaxation. This will be a full-body massage received while fully clothed and lying on a table. Shiatsu is not recommended for people with osteoporosis, cancer, chronic high blood pressure or recent surgery. Questions? Email Scott at shiatsuway@comcast.net.



TOPS DE 46 (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

Leader: Donna Connell

Thursdays – 6:00pm

TOPS is a non-profit weight loss motivational group providing support, encouragement and educational opportunities to make healthy lifestyle choices.

We welcome visitors FREE of charge!


To make appointments you can stop by the Reception Desk or call (302) 737-2336.