Thousands of bus trips have transported our members to the Center. Without the Senior Center bus many people would be sitting at home, lonely, with nobody to talk to. Many older people live with their children who are at work all day. Others can no longer drive and depend on the Center’s bus to get them out of the house. The bus also takes people shopping on Friday mornings. It is a lifeline for some to the outside world.

PLEASE REFER TO THE BUS SERVICE AREA MAP BELOW TO SEE IF YOUR RESIDENCE IS WITHIN OUR SERVICE BOUNDARIES. If you have any questions about our service area please call Carla Grygiel at (302) 737-2336 ext. 115.

Title VI Notice

The Newark Senior Center operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  To find out more about our nondiscrimination obligations or to file a complaint, please contact us at 302-737-2336 or download this form and submit it to the address listed.

Passenger Registration

Bus riders must be current members of the Newark Senior Center. Passengers must register for or cancel transportation with an NSC staff person (do not leave a message) by 2:00 the previous business day. Registration or credits for canceled rides will not be issued unless a passenger or caregiver speaks with an NSC Staff member before 2pm the previous business day.  Passengers may register for multiple days.   Meeting of Minds participants will coordinate transportation with Meeting of Minds staff.  If an aide is required, the aide may ride the bus for free – staff must be made aware of the aid so that a seat is available.  

Current Members can use our Member Portal to register for transportation. 

Daily Bus Procedures

Bus drivers must perform a safety inspection each day.   

The busses leave the Center between 8:00 – 8:15 each day.  Riders should be prepared for the bus between 8:15 – 9:30. Although each day may be different, the bus will generally arrive within a 30 minute window.  

If a passenger does not come out or indicate they are on their way within 1 minute, the bus driver may blow the horn (if it will not disturb neighbors). If that passenger is not ready within the 2nd minute, the driver may call the passenger.  After the 3rd minute, if there is no acknowledgement from the rider, it is at the discretion of the driver how long they will wait.  If convenient, the driver may leave and return, but only if there is not a substantial time delay for other riders. 

The driver may get out of the bus to assist riders up the steps of the bus or if necessary, to use the wheelchair lift.  If a rider needs further assistance, a family caregiver or aide must be available to get the rider to the bus as well as get the rider from the bus upon return home.  If this is not possible, DART Paratransit, on demand service, may be a good option.  In the afternoon, the driver will wait at the residence until the rider is safely inside.  If the rider needs assistance to enter the home, a caregiver MUST be available.   The bus driver is not responsible for carrying bags for passengers. 

All passengers must wear a seatbelt on the bus. 

Passenger Hygiene – When there is a question about a persons’ hygiene, it is at the bus driver’s discretion as to whether transportation is provided.  If an incident occurs on the inbound bus route, the driver will take the person home and the rider will not come to the Center that day.  If an incident happens at the Center, the caregiver will need to come to the Center and bring the person home for the day. 

The driver may refuse transport if:

  • a mobility device is not functioning properly. 

  • a driveway or sidewalks are maintained in an unsafe manner: ice, snow, debris or if the slope of the sidewalk, driveway or ramp are not easily navigated.

  • a rider is habitually not prepared for the pick-up.

 Smoking, alcohol, profanity, abusive language are not permitted on the Newark Senior Center busses. 

Each bus will have a clipboard with the safety checklist and copies of accident report, daily challenge log & bus procedures. 

If you do not live within our bus service area please see below for other transportation options to the Newark Senior Center.

Option 1

See if you fall within the DART Connect boundaries.

Option 2

The DART fixed route bus stop is approximately ½ block from the Center. Schedules are available at the lounge in the Center. Schedules are also available at

Option 3

Qualified members can use the DART Paratransit service. More information available here.