Linda Watson has been creating beautiful craft pieces for the NSC Gift Shoppe for over five years. Her specialty is in knit and crochet work and she has been practicing this art since she was five years old. At an early age, Linda’s mother began teaching her how to knit, which sparked a love for crafting. As a young child, she would make pieces for her doll babies. As her work improved, she started making clothes, blankets, scarves, and more.  She has even taught knitting classes and joins fellow knitters to create items to donate to organizations such as the Salvation Army.  Over the years, she has tried a variety of art projects including stain glass and candle making.

In the Gift Shoppe, you may find a variety of Linda’s pieces including baby blankets, hats, scarves, dish clothes, socks, and more. Her favorite craft to make is something new that throws a challenge at her. She loves that crafting is different each time and the artist has the option to switch it up whenever they create a new piece. In addition to creating beautiful items, Linda also volunteers her time to help run the Shoppe. Stop by to say hello and check out her wonderful art!