Do you treat yourself to massages?  If your answer is no, you may want to consider adding a massage to your overall plan for wellness. No longer are massages only viewed as a luxury but instead they are becoming a way to care for the body, right alongside exercise and proper nutrition.

5 Reasons You Should Get Massages Regularly


  1. Massage Reduces Anxiety and Stress

It’s said that the vast majority of diseases and their complications are brought on by anxiety and stress. Massage has been proven to lower cortisol levels in the body while increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine, thus helping to alleviate the stress we suffer from day to day, and promoting perspective and clarity.

  1. Massage Addresses Low Back Pain

Massage addresses a number of musculoskeletal issues, but let’s single out the leading cause of disability in the U.S. (according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010). Thirty-one million Americans are suffering with low back pain at any given time, with over $50 million dollars spent every year spent on traditional medical treatment, worker’s compensation, and lost time from work. A 2011 study found that regular massage to the lower back can help alleviate pain.

  1. Massage Enhances Immunity

Swedish and deep tissue massage promotes the movement of lymph, the body’s natural defense system.

  1. Massage Reduces the Effects of Long Hours of Desk-Sitting and Driving

The average American worker sits 8-9 hour a day either at a computer or behind the wheel, causing shoulders to become pulled forward and rounded, upper and lower back muscles to become overstretched and weak, and that’s just what happens to the upper half of your body. Coupled with a regular exercise routine, massage can help alleviate pain, and keep those postural deviations in check.

  1. It fends off headaches

Lots of things can trigger a headache, but many stem from tension in the neck that restricts blood flow to the brain. Oftentimes, a neck massage can boost blood flow and alleviate the pain.  Also, research  suggests that massage also reduces frequency and severity among chronic headache suffers.

Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it often produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection. Check out the February Newsletter for further details on the massages you can get here at NSC!

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