Meet Our Staff

Carla Grygiel, Newark Senior Center.

Carla Grygiel

Executive Director

(302) 737-2336 ext. 115

Contact Carla about…

  • General Center Information


Anika Turner, Newark Senior Center.

Anika Turner

Social Services Director

(302) 737-2336 ext. 112

Contact Anika about…

  • Caregiver Assistance
  • Medicare Questions
  • Community Resources
  • Support Groups
Katie Rivera, Newark Senior Center.

Katie Rivera

Program Director

(302) 737-2336 ext. 119

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  • Clubs and Social Activities
  • Enrichment Classes
  • Fitness Options
  • Newsletter
Heather Mitchell, Newark Senior Center.

Heather Mitchell

Program Coordinator

(302) 737-2336 ext. 127

Contact Heather about…

  • Trips
  • Room Rentals
Kat Foizen, Newark Senior Center.

Kat Foizen

Early Memory Loss Program Coordinator

(302) 737-2336 ext. 124

Contact Kat about…

  • Registering a family member for the Meeting of Minds Program
  • Volunteering for the Meeting of Minds Program

Megan Young

Program Assistant

(302) 737-2336 ext. 129

Contact Megan about…

  • Group Volunteer Opportunities
  • Community Service Opportunities
Stefanie Thomas, Newark Senior Center.

Stefanie Thomas

Nutrition Director/ Meals on Wheels Coordinator

(302) 737-5747 or (302) 737-2336 ext. 116

Contact Stefanie about…

  • Receiving Meals on Wheels
  • Volunteering for Meals on Wheels

Joey Berenato

Food Service Director

(302) 737-2336 ext. 117

Contact Joey about…

  • Dining Options
  • Catering Services
Jessica Feinberg, Newark Senior Center.

Jessica Feinberg

Development Director

(302) 737-2336 ext. 113

Contact Jessica about…

  • Donations
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Planned Giving
  • Website
Wendell Davis, Newark Senior Center.

Wendell Davis

Facilities Director

(302) 737-2336 ext. 126

Contact Wendell about…

  • Transportation
Mercedia Green, Newark Senior Center.

Mercedia Green


(302) 737-2336 ext. 122

Contact Mercedia about…

  • Jitney Jaunts
  • Billing Questions
  • Notary Services
Tootie Frosh, Newark Senior Center.

Margaret Fraser


(302) 737-2336 ext. 111

Contact Margaret about…

  • General Information
Holly Bouee, Angela Suglia, Diana Ferrara, Rhonda Faison, Newark Senior Center.

Kitchen Staff

(From left to right) Diana Ferrara, Rhonda Faison, Holly Bovee and Angela Suglia


Site Managers

Sterdie Maxwell (not pictured Bruce Zabel)

Bus Drivers

Robert Smith, Michael Stokes, and Jim Dilks

Merrily Schiavone

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