Meet Our Fantastic Fitness Instructors : Terri Rex & Liz Abundant

By : Meredith Butler

            Terri Rex is the fitness instructor at the Newark Senior Center who teaches Pilates, Breathe Relax & Restore, Strength Training, Parkinson’s Strength Training, Zumba Gold, and Aqua Zumba. I was fortunate enough to get to speak to her and Liz Abundant who owns the fitness company Terri works for. Liz has been in the fitness field for over 15 years and her company provides classes at a number of senior centers, hospitals, gyms and schools across Delaware. Both women stress that they are constantly bettering and training themselves in order to provide higher quality for their clients.

From the moment I sat down with both Terri and Liz I could tell they were passionate about fitness and helping others stay active. I was curious to know how each of them had begun training and decided on a fitness career path. To my surprise both of them had similar stories; they had fallen upon unhealthy habits to the point where they needed to make a drastic lifestyle change and improve their health. Liz had become increasingly unhappy living a sedentary life “I had a number of corporate jobs where I worked in a cube and having such a sedentary lifestyle made me feel not happy or healthy; the only time I felt good was when I was working out so I thought this is silly. I could just do this for a living and make myself and others feel good”. Terri also felt unhealthy before becoming active but once she began making healthier daily choices she lost 80lbs and saw improvements in many aspects of her life. It is now her goal as a fitness instructor to help clients do the same and improve their quality of life.

Although Terri instructs various fitness classes at the center she caters each individual for each class. Terri understands that not one client in a class will have the same abilities and it is important to help each client not only improve but also feel comfortable coming to fitness classes. “I can see each one of those individuals and call them out and go back and work one at a time. I can have 24 people in one class and everyone is different and individual. I don’t believe in I can’t”. I can attest to Terri’s method because she helped me make modifications to one of my exercises when I took her Pilates class at the center. Not only did she help me throughout the class time but she stayed after with me to give me tips on how to improve my flexibility at home.

Another quality I admired in Terri when taking Zumba Gold was her ability to make the atmosphere fun, positive and refreshing. Terri’s attitude and effort is obvious to any of the participants who join her classes.  One of the highlights of Zumba Gold is when Terri plays the song “Tomcat”. Not only do seniors enjoy the dance but Terri pulls out props like cat ears and engages everyone there. A NSC member says “Terri puts in an incredible amount of work for her classes….changes music & routines, different relaxation readings after Pilates.  Always goes around & makes sure we are doing something correctly” (Dorine Shea Woods). Terri has great rapport with her clients and cares about keeping them upbeat throughout classes.

Terri and Liz both agree that working at the center and with this population has become very important to them. When Liz first started her fitness company she noticed that senior facilities lacked fitness programs most. She thought it was important to get involved in this population because fitness allows seniors to not only stay healthy but maintain their independence. “I think it makes a tremendous difference in how they live their golden years because they have preventive measures to help them continue to live their lives independently”. Terri also recognized she had a calling helping seniors stay healthy and always enjoys working with them.



Try a ‘Training by Liz’ class! Purchase a workout ticket or fitness class pass from the reception desk & attend a class that is convenient for you. If you are unsure of which class you will like, you may try one class for free! 

Training by Liz Class Times:

  • Zumba Gold
    • Tuesday & Thursday : 11:15am
  • Aqua Zumba
    • Monday : 5:00
    • Tuesday & Thursday : 1:30
  • Breathe, Relax, & Restore
    • Wednesday : 11:15am
  • Pilates
    • Monday : 11:15am
    • Tuesday : 9:00am
    • Thursday : 10:15am
    • Friday : 8:45am
  • Strength Training
    • Monday & Wednesday : 9:00am & 10:00am
    • Friday : 10:00am

Payment Options : 

  • Workout Tickets = a package of classes. They do not expire.
    • $20 Blue Ticket ($30 for non-members) = 4 classes
    • $50 Yellow Ticket ($60 for non-members) = 12 classes
  • Fitness Class Pass = Unlimited Exercises classes for the 30 days before your pass expires.
    • $45 ($55 for non-members)